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Dr. Lise Eliot
Early Childhood Mental Development Expert
VTech Expert Panel Member
This is another wonderful phase, when toddlers are working hard to develop their skills and independence, to the great excitement of family and friends around them. Motor skills and communication both improve markedly over this period and your toddler will enjoy exploring and naming objects and people in his or her environment.
Here are some typical milestones you may see in your 18 - 24 month old:
Language & Cognitive Development
  • Vocabulary explodes, up to 8 new words every day
  • Begins combining words into two-word sentences
  • Tries to hum or sing
  • Completes simple cut-out puzzles, fitting single shapes into their proper spaces
  • Enjoys turning the pages of a book and filling in words of stories
Physical & Motor Development
  • Improves fine motor coordination, such as scribbling with a crayon
  • Ascends stairs with help and jumps in place
  • Opens drawers and crawls inside cupboards
  • Scoots around on small riding toys
  • Kicks a ball
Social & Emotional Development
  • Begins to say “no” to many things
  • May hit, loite, slap and scream as they struggle for contentment but also want independence
Remember your child is a wonderful, unique individual and may not exhibit every one of these milestones. A wide range of behaviors is considered normal and some children will demonstrate certain abilities earlier or later than this schedule. Should you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please ask your pediatrician or family physician.