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Learning Lodge
Introduction to and Installing Learning Lodge
The Learning Lodge is VTech's download manager. Using Learning Lodge you can redeem your free download credits; purchase and download additional games, e-books, music and videos; manage your files and even track your child’s learning progress.
Watch this video for a simple to follow tutorial.

Creating an Account and Registering on Learning Lodge
Want to know how to set up an account on VTech’s Learning Lodge in a few easy steps? This tutorial video will walk you through it and make signing up a breeze!

Using the Download Center on Learning Lodge
Browsing, purchasing, and downloading apps from Learning Lodge is easy. Watch this video to learn just how easy.

Advanced Learning Lodge Operations

You can manage your parent account and your VTech® Toy profiles using the Learning Lodge®. This tutorial will help explain how.

To proceed, you will first need to install Learning Lodge® on your computer and register your VTech® toy.

For more information, please go to http://www.vtechkids.ca/tutorials/innotab2 and see the "Introduction to and Installing Learning Lodge®" and "Creating an Account and Registering on Learning Lodge®" tutorial videos for details.

Troubleshooting Learning Lodge Installation
If you encounter any issues while installing Learning Lodge, you can find helpful tips and solutions in this tutorial. Click to find out more!

Using the Learning Lodge Progress Log
The progress log function in Learning Lodge allows you to see your child's learning progress when they play with progress log-compatible games. Watch this video to learn more!
MobiGo® Battery Installation
Click on this tutorial to learn how to install batteries in the MobiGo®.

Using an AC Adaptor with MobiGo®
You can save on batteries by using an AC Adaptor (sold separately) with your MobiGo®. This tutorial describes how to connect and use an AC Adaptor.

Using the MobiGo® 2 Stylus
Have a question about the stylus that comes with the MobiGo® 2? Click on this tutorial to find the answer.

Using MobiGo® Cartridges with MobiGo® and MobiGo® 2
This tutorial describes how to insert and use cartridges in the MobiGo® and MobiGo® 2.

MobiGo® 2 Touch Screen Calibration
If your MobiGo® 2 touch screen isn’t responding properly, it may need to be recalibrated. Read this tutorial to learn how.

Message "System Problem Found" Appears on Your MobiGo® Screen
If the error message “system problem found” appears on your MobiGo® screen, follow the steps in this tutorial to resolve the problem.

Connecting Your MobiGo® to Your Computer
This tutorial explains how to use the USB cable to connect your MobiGo® to the computer.

Registering Your MobiGo® on Learning Lodge
The Learning Lodge is VTech's download manager. Use it to purchase and download games and e-books, transfer photos, and track your child’s learning progress online. This tutorial will take you through the process of setting up the Learning Lodge and preparing your MobiGo® for use with the program.

Redeeming Free Downloads for MobiGo®
Read this tutorial for a step by step explanation of how to redeem the free downloads that come with your MobiGo® purchase.

How to Transfer Downloaded Content onto Your MobiGo®
This tutorial describes how to use the Learning Lodge to transfer downloaded content onto your MobiGo®.

How to Transfer Photos to Your MobiGo® 2
Use the Learning Lodge’s File Manager to transfer photos to your MobiGo® 2. Click on this tutorial to find out more.

Purchasing Downloadable Content on Learning Lodge for MobiGo®
Purchasing downloadable content for the MobiGo® is easy. Read this tutorial to learn just how easy.