Preschool Learning
Kidi Star Dance™

Kidi Star Dance™

  • Play four games using the motion-activated bands, create music with movement or challenge a friend to a dance-off
  • Follow along with the animated dance instructor to learn 20 cool dance moves step-by-step
  • Bring all the new moves together to dance along to eight original songs and get a dance score when you’re done
  • Enhance your dance experience with color-changing lights or by adding your own music with an MP3 player or microSD card (not included)
  • Intended for children ages 5+ years. Requires 4 AA & 2 CR2025 batteries. AA batteries for demo purposes, new batteries recommended for regular use
Best for ages:
5 to 9 Years
Have a dance party with Kidi Star Dance! Play games, learn popular moves and dance along with the included music or your own. Then, challenge friends to a dance-off.
Move and groove with the Kidi Star Dance™! Put on the motion-activated bands and learn 20 cool dance moves step by step by following the animated dance instructor. Once you learn the moves, put them together and dance along to the included music. Color-changing lights flash along to the music to make you feel like a star. Play four motion games or create music with movement by playing 14 different effects including drum and magical fairy sounds. Give the second band to a friend and challenge them to a game or a dance-off. Add more music by connecting your own MP3 player or loading songs using a microSD card (MP3 player and microSD card not included). Intended for children ages 5+ years. Requires 4 AA batteries and 2 CR2025 lithium coin batteries. AA batteries included for demo purposes only, new batteries recommended for regular use.
  • Product Number: 80-520500
  • 4 x AA and 2 x CR2025 Batteries Required

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