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I put the SD card into my V.Reader, but the program says it can’t find one?

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If you have problems getting the V.Reader to recognize your SD card, please try the following:

Check to see if your SD card is formatted as a FAT16 or FAT32 partition:

1. Connect the V.Reader to your computer.

2. Double-click the “My Computer” icon on your Desktop and find the SD card drive. It's usually the second “Removable Disk” drive on the list, but depending on the setup of your computer, you might have a different drive arrangement.

3. Right-click the SD card drive and select “Properties.”

4. See what file system your SD card is using. V.Reader only supports SD cards that use the FAT file system. If another file system is listed, you may need to reformat your SD card.

5. Reformat your SD card if necessary. (WARNING: Reformatting the SD card will erase all data that is currently on the card. Back up your files before you begin.)

To format the SD Card, do the following:
- Go to “My Computer” and right-click on the SD card drive.
- Select “Format…” from the pull-down menu.
- Choose FAT from the File System drop-down list.
- Click Start to begin formatting your card.

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Check to see if there is a drive letter conflict:

1. Right-click on the “My Computer” icon and choose “Manage.”

2. Click the “Storage” icon. Then click “Disk Management.”

3. On the list at the bottom right, you should be able to see two drives labeled "Removable."

4. See if the SD card drive has a drive letter assigned to it (for example, F:).

5. If you don't see a drive letter assigned to the SD card drive, right click on the SD card drive icon, and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths.”

6. On the pop-up menu, click “Change.”

7. Select the "Assign the following drive letter" option, and select a letter from the pull-down list to assign a drive letter to it.

8. When done, close the Computer Management window and try to transfer your files again.

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If you checked the previous suggestions and still are having problems, please email our Customer Support team at vtechkids@vtechkids.com and include the details of the problem.

next tip I am still having trouble this solved my problem