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What is the recommended SD card size for InnoTab downloads?
We recommend using SD/SDHC memory cards in the range of 2GB to 16GB. Larger capacity cards (32GB +) are not recommended. SD cards are not included with the InnoTab. They can be purchased at most retailers that sell digital cameras. Since a formatted16MB SD card can only hold one downloaded eBook, we suggest the use of a larger SD card. The following is a list of SD card brands that we have tested for compatibility:

AData? Micro SDHC
AmazonBasics? SD
Easystore? SD
ImationR MicroSD
KingmaxR SD
KingstonR SDHC
KingstonR MicroSD
LexarR SD
Memory MasterR SD
PNY? Optima SD
Silicon Power SD
SanDiskR SD
SanDiskR MicroSD
SanDiskR UltraSD
ToshibaR SD
ToshibaR SDHC
TranscendR SD
TranscendR SDHC

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