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Firmware Upgrade Reminder - InnoTab Max/Storio Max Users

Taking Photos with InnoTab® 2 or 2S

InnoTab® 2 or 2S allows you to take photos with fun decorations and effects.

Step 1

To start taking photos, touch the "Camera" icon in the InnoTab® 2 or 2S main menu, or press the camera button on the left top corner.

Step 2

You will enter the camera mode with different functions:

  • Normal Mode
    Touch this to take a photo without any decoration or effect.
  • Frame Mode
    Touch this to take a photo with a frame.
  • Sticker Mode
    Touch this to take a photo with a silly sticker.
  • Kaleidoscope
    Touch this to take a photo through a kaleidoscope.
  • Funny Face
    Touch this to make a funny face photo.
  • Thumbnail
    Touch this to view the photo you have just taken.
  • Arrows
    Touch these to see more stickers, frames, kaleidoscope effects, or funny face effects.
  • Face Detection
    Touch this to turn face detection on or off.
  • Shutter
    Touch the Shutter icon (or the Camera button on the top left corner of the tablet) to take a photo.


  • You can select the photo resolution by changing the Photo Size options in the Settings menu. More memory space is required for higher photo resolutions.
  • To view the photos you have on your InnoTab® 2 or 2S, touch the Photos icon in the main menu.

NOTE: Not all effects can be saved on all photo resolutions.