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Firmware Upgrade Reminder - InnoTab Max/Storio Max Users


I’m trying to set up a new Learning Lodge account, but it tells me my device is not connected?

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Please make sure that your toy is connected to your computer with the USB cable, and that the power is on. The message “USB Connected” should show on your toy’s screen.

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Make sure that you are using the USB cable that came with your toy or a USB 2.0 type A male to mini B male USB cable to ensure your product will connect to your computer correctly.

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Make sure the USB cable is connected directly between your toy and your computer’s USB port. To make the data transfer more stable, please do not connect the device to a USB hub.

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Occasionally, any USB connected portable hard drive, USB memory unit, or hard drives attached to your Local Area Network (LAN) may interfere with the connection. If you run into problems, try removing these devices before connecting the toy.

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Please make sure that you have tried other USB ports and see if the device is detected.

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Make sure you have the latest version of the Learning Lodge Navigator by downloading and installing the most recent version from vtechkids@vtechkids.com. However, if the device still cannot be detected by the Learning Lodge Navigator, be sure to uninstall the Learning Lodge Navigator before installing the updated version.

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If you are still experiencing problems, please email the Customer Support team at vtechkids@vtechkids.com and provide them with the first and last name you used to register for an account.

next tip I am still having trouble this solved my problem