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Firmware Upgrade Reminder - InnoTab Max/Storio Max Users


I downloaded some games, but I can’t find them on the MobiGo. Where are they?
Before you can play the games on your MobiGo, you first have to transfer them onto your toy. Follow these steps to transfer your games:

1. From the Learning Lodge select “My Downloads” from the menu on the left-hand side of the MobiGo home page.

2. From the list on the left, check the boxes next to the games you want to transfer.

3. Make sure your MobiGo is connected to your computer via the USB cable and click the “Transfer” button to begin the transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, unplug the USB cable, and the game menu should appear on your MobiGo screen. Select a game to start playing it.

next tip I am still having trouble this solved my problem