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How do I set up my WiFi connection on my Innotab 2S?

Setting Up Your Wi-Fi Connection on InnoTabR 2S

1. After you have registered your InnoTabR 2S on the
Learning Lodge, turn the tablet off and
disconnect it from your computer.

2. Turn on InnoTabR 2S. Touch the Settings icon in
the main menu. In the Settings Menu, touch Parent
Settings (hold down the button to enter Parent

3. Touch the icon. The tablet will list available
networks. Touch the network that you would like to
connect to, and enter a password if needed. You will
see a checkmark when the connection is complete.

Touch the button to return to the InnoTabR 2S
main menu.

Your InnoTabR 2S secure connection to the Learning
Lodge is now set up! Your child can use
the Wi-Fi connection to:

1. Use the Wish List Maker app to browse
downloadable apps.

2. Use the Downloads app to download apps after you
have purchased them.

Please see your user’s manual for details. For more information and
troubleshooting tips, visit www.vtechkids.com/tutorials/innotab2

To enable or disable Wi-Fi, press the button on the InnoTabR 2S tablet.
When Wi-Fi connection to the Learning Lodge is needed, the tablet
will try to connect to known networks that have been connected before.

If no known network is found, you will be prompted to select the network
available in your current location. Choose an available network to connect
to. You may be required to enter additional information depending on
network settings.

To save battery life, InnoTabR 2S will automatically turn off the Wi-Fi
connection when it is not in use.
NOTE: InnoTabR 2S supports 802.11b and 802.11g wireless standards.

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