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Firmware Upgrade Reminder - InnoTab Max/Storio Max Users


What does the File Manager function for V.Reader do?
The File Manager can be used to move JPEG photos and MJPEG movies back and forth between your computer and your V.Reader. This function is only available for the newer version of V.Reader.

Local File List
The list on the left of the screen shows you the files that can be transferred to your V.Reader. Use the file tabs at the top of the list to choose which type of file you are looking for. The program will automatically open the default folder where files of that type are stored on your computer, and the corresponding files will appear at the bottom of that list. If the file you are looking for is not in this list, use the “Browse” button to change the folder. Once you are in the correct folder, scroll through the files in the list and check the box next to the file you want to transfer. Click the right arrow to transfer the file.

V.Reader File List
You can also use the File Manager to manage files stored in your V.Reader. On the right-hand side of the screen, use the tab at the top of the list to toggle between Internal Memory and SD Card (if you have one inserted). Check any of the files in the list and press the “Delete” button to remove them, or press the “left arrow” button to transfer them to your computer.

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