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I downloaded my e-books for my V.Reader, but I don't see them in the Backpack Menu?

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Before you can access the e-books on your V.Reader, you first have to transfer them onto your unit. Follow these steps to transfer your e-books:

1. From the Learning Lodge Navigator select “My Downloads” from the menu on the left-hand side of the V.Reader Home page.

2. From the list on the left, check the boxes next to the e-books you want to transfer.

3. Make sure your V.Reader is connected to your computer via the USB cable and click the “Transfer” button to begin the transfer.

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If you have already transferred the e-books, but they are still not showing up on your V.Reader, please check the following:

1. The V.Reader you are using might not be registered to your account. E-books cannot be viewed on a V.Reader that is not linked to your account.

2. The e-books may have been transferred to the SD card using a different V.Reader. Transfer the e-books to the SD card using the V.Reader unit that you intend to read the e-books with.

3. Your version of the Learning Lodge Navigator might not be up-to-date. Try uninstalling the Learning Lodge Navigator. Then download the latest version from www.vtechkids.ca/download and install it again.

4. The downloaded e-book files might be corrupt. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Learning Lodge Navigator could fix the problem. The e-books that you have already purchased will automatically transfer to your computer again once you sign in with your existing account.

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If you still have problems after trying the previous suggestions, please email our Customer Support team at vtechkids@vtechkids.com, and include the details of your problem.

next tip I am still having trouble this solved my problem