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Back To School Routines: Making the School Transition Easy & Exciting!

Deborah Sharp Libby
Back to School time is always exciting. Opportunities to reconnect with old friends and make new ones abound. Early mornings, busy schedules and homework nightly mark the return of the academic year. Some children are excited to get back to the classroom while others are somewhat tentative. Creating simple daily routines make for smooth transitions. Help your children breeze back into their school routine with these simple tips.

Create A Daily Routine And Help Your Days Run Smoothly
Rise & Shine – Set a wake up time that provides your children with plenty of time to enjoy breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, gather their school bags and start their day on a positive note!

Set a time to head to the bus stop, hop in the car or begin the walk to school. Helping children know when they need to be out the door teaches important life lessons about being on time.

Set a bedtime that allows your children to get a good night sleep ensuring they are well rested and feeling their best each and every school day.

Create a special folder to hold items that must be returned to school like homework, school forms and notes.

Set out school outfits and pack up school bags the night before.

Create A Family Calendar
Create a calendar where the whole family can record, check and keep track of school activities, homework, practices and days off. Having a family calendar helps keep everyone informed and organized.

Visit Your School & Classroom
Visit your school and classroom before the first day of school. Many schools host find your classroom or meet your teacher day so make your visit a family affair or go with friends. Finding the school entrance, classroom and playground help children to become familiar with their learning environment and get excited for the school year.

Create A Homework Headquarters!
Designate a comfortable place at home for your “Homework Headquarters” and encourage your children to help set this area up. Stock your Homework Headquarters with school supplies like paper, pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, tape scissors, glue, ruler, notebooks and note cards. Be Creative.

Develop a homework routine. Encourage children to pick a regular time to do homework, for some children that may be after a snack when they get home from school, some prefer to work as parents prepare dinner while others like to complete homework after dinner. There is no right answer. The key is creating a homework routine that works for your children with the understanding that your routine may vary based on activities, special occasions and circumstances. Helping children understand the importance of completing assignments in a timely fashion is an important school skill. Be sure to praise your children for their dedication and hard work as they tackle afterschool assignments.
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