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Talk To Your Toddler and Support Their Language Development

Deborah Sharp Libby
Language skills in young children develop at an amazing rate and parents can play an important role if they do the right things. Make time to talk with your child daily by using constant verbal interaction which builds vocabulary, fosters communication skills and supports early language acquisition.

It’s easy to encourage your child to explore and play with language. Talk to your toddler about everything you do throughout the day. Talk about activities, experiences, thoughts and feelings. Talk about the colors, shapes, letters, numbers and symbols you notice around you. At the grocery store, talk about your favorite foods and the items you need to purchase on your list. At the ice cream stand talk about your favorite flavors and around the house when cooking, cleaning and playing, talk about the objects you see such as the blue block, yellow ball, red pan and purple crayon. You can even take it a step further and talk about what you are doing or can do with the objects. “Look, I can stack three blue blocks.” Or “Wow, can you bounce the yellow ball?” or “Let’s make spaghetti in the big red pan!” The more words your child hears the more words your child learns. The key is to encourage and reinforce speaking, vocabulary and overall literacy development by being a great language role model for your child. VTech® provides endless opportunities for conversation and exposes your toddler to a rich vocabulary as well as important early childhood concepts. Check out terrific toys by VTech® like the “Alphabet Activity Cube™, 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset™ and Magic Star Learning Table™” and talk about colors, numbers and letters as you play.

With little minds like sponges, toddlers have the potential to be word-learning machines and their parents can play a big role in the process. Ultimately, the best way to nurture and support your child’s language development is to talk to them daily and immerse them in a language rich environment.
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